Key Platform Features for an Advertiser

Cycle of Optimization
Create Campaign
  1. Lead Quantity
  2. Pacing
  3. Quality
  4. Conversion, Costs & ROI
Analyze Campaign
  1. Targeting & Filtering
  2. Account Based Marketing (ABM)
  3. CRM/MAP Integration
  4. Content Distribution
Allocate Demand
  1. Source Publishers
  2. Messaging
  3. Manage Allocations
  4. Notification Alerts
Manage Campaign
  1. Monitor Performance
  2. Lead Scoring & Verification
  3. Rule-based Delivery
  4. Publisher Payments

A single platform

For demand campaign management
Internal Leads Third-Party Leads

Lead Normalization

Publisher Sourcing & Engagement

Delivery Integration

Campaign Management & Analytics

Media & Publishers

Effectively manage existing media partners while
continuously sourcing new partners

For Demand Campaign Management
Better Visibility

Know the partners working on your campaign, talk to them, visualize their performance and pay them with minimal friction.

Better Experience

Exceed your own expectations with a role-specific set of campaign planning, management and optimization tools.

Better Control

Keep your campaigns on track with real-time demand allocation and fulfilment tracking, lead scoring and rule-based delivery.

Better Versatility

One platform that offers multiple program support (from top-of-funnel intent data to BANT qualified leads).

Benefits to The Audiences We Serve



  1. Obtain a higher ROI generating leads using media partners.
  2. Effectively manage existing media partners while continuously sourcing new partners.
  3. Monitor and optimize campaigns using real-time brand analytics.


  1. Help a larger number of clients to meet their ROI lead goals using media partners.
  2. Effectively manage and source new partners to satisfy the diverse needs of a large number of clients.
  3. Monitor and optimize client campaigns using real-time agency analytics.


  1. Generate more profitable revenue with a wider client list.
  2. Fulfill a larger number of campaigns that match their capabilities.
  3. Monitor and optimize the fulfillment of campaign demands using real-time publisher analytics.

Get to Know Your Media Partners Directly

Company Overview

Demand generation is not easy and no one marketing or media company has a lock on delivering world-class results.

One-size-fits-all demand generation services are a compromise - plain and simple.

That's why we believe advertisers need access to all-in-one platform to engage with top-tier publishers and other media companies and manage their own campaigns from launch to final measurement.

We also offer custom management and software
development solutions for demand generation.

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